February 2019 Newsletter

On the last day of the shortest month, that’s a fitting time to write a newsletter about a February that was jam packed with creative productivity! My spherical art technique continues to evolve, and I experimented with some new techniques this month.
In my last newsletter, I showed you a series of “rooms” with images created inside of a tetrahedron, the simplest of polyhedrons. I did quite a few more and exhausted that idea, for now. Here is a composite with a few of the newer “rooms.” I especially like the “pool room.”
The last image above on the right shows a room that appears to have reflections of the pattern on its shiny walls. That started me off on a new series of images that have a lot of additional detail, which is created by the patterns reflecting on glossy surfaces. I combined that technique with a new editing process in PhotoShop. I now output my 3D images in 32 bit HDR, or “high-dynamic-range” format. High-dynamic-range imaging is a technique used in photography to reproduce a greater range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. The aim is to present a similar range of luminance to that experienced through the human eye.
Each of the following four images were created with HDR, with the two on the left using the additive detail that reflections provide. I’m excited about the unique colors and increased tonal ranges that this HDR technique makes possible!
HDR images
Lastly, I enjoyed Valentines Day by doing the heart-shaped designs below: The last one below, is a photo of my snow-slushy driveway, after the mail lady pulled in with her van, and then backed out. I just happened to be out there with my cellphone, and snapped this shot of her tire tracks. She unknowingly created two linked hearts, a day before Valentines!
All of the images this month were created inside of a four-sided tetrahedron, except the one in the driveway!
Have a great March! Before it’s over, I hope to share a new video and some art with you in my next newsletter.

January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Have you started a resolution yet? One of mine is to do some weight training, but I haven't started that yet. Another is to explore Spherical Art in a more methodical way, and I started that one on Jan.1st!
And what's coming out of it is a new series of works based on a simple "room" composition. Maybe I gravitated to this after doing a lot of wall covering mock-ups that I told you about in last month's newsletter. Some of these works are now for sale as prints at saatchiart.com/paulpetersen.
I wanted to share some of my processes with you, so I made a video showing how I created the first piece in this new series.
You can watch it by clicking on this link.
It's easy to start a new resolution, but difficult to keep it going. This newsletter is added motivation for me to keep going and have something new to show you next month.
Good luck with your resolutions!

December 2018 Newsletter

Petersen Wallcovering

Are you ready for the holidays? Not me. Too many calls to make and greetings to send during these last two weeks!

But I was determined to touch base with you and let you know what I've been doing since I wrote last month.

At The other Art Fair last month, I met reps from a wall covering firm in Montreal, called Area Environments. They have a beautiful website where they sell wall coverings created from artist's images. I was fascinated at the prospect of seeing my work used as wallpaper on a large scale, so I created some wallpaper mock-ups in Photoshop, and sent them along with a letter of inquiry. You can see them at a larger scale by clicking on the image below:



I also created some new digital images this past month, and these below are now for sale as prints at Saatchi Art. I split the prints I sell between Saatchi Art and paulpetersenart.com. Click on this image to see larger images with descriptions:



I promised to share some background info on my image creating processes. If you remember, at the Art Fair it wasn't that easy for me to describe how I create these. Well, the best way to see it is to look over my shoulder as I do one. I created just such a video a couple of years ago, when I worked on a stylized logo design for the health care company called Allergan. You can see that video which shows my technique of creating images from inside spheres, by clicking on the picture below:



Well that's almost it for 2018! I hope you enjoy the coming year-end festivities with your loved ones!