Paul Petersen is a digital artist who is helping to pioneer a technique he calls Spherical Art. He captures his images with a virtual camera, inside 3D polyhedral spheres. He uses their internal mathematical order to create unique artwork. He harnesses the intelligence these spheres possess to create color harmonies and visual rhythms that are evocative and expressive. He’s been working on this process since 2015 and has been creating NFTs since February, 2020. NFTs have freed him from converting his images into physical prints, and connected him with collectors who prefer digital artwork. He coordinated with Saatchi Art’s Other Art Fair in 2018 to exhibit his work in Brooklyn, N.Y., and recently set up an exhibit of his work in the Headspace Gallery in the Cryptovoxels metaverse, at 5 Leda, in May, 2021.

Paul Petersen studied painting at UCLA with William Brice, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He did post graduate study at the Art Center College of Design. He’s had careers as an advertising art director, watercolorist, and medical illustrator. His technical proficiency in computer graphics has put him in a position to explore this new area of  geometric image creation.


A geometric tribute to those who made a lasting impact on our safety. Created inside a geometric polyhedron sphere. Minted on SuperRare at:

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Inspired by a dream. Created with Modo 3D and After Effects. This is one of my few pieces not created with a 3D sphere!

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Star Stuff


Like the universe is made of atoms, my 3D world is made of triangles, the simplest building block polygon. The moon in this piece, is one of the spheres I use to find and create my art. I am the wandering artist trying to make sense of what I see. The title is a phrase that Carl Sagan, the famous astronomer, coined when he described the material from which we are made.

Minted on SuperRare as my genesis piece:

Price: 2.06 ETH


Colorful loops arranged with the mathematical power that exists in three dimensional polyhedron spheres. Like the neurons in your brain, what looks at first like a tangled mess, is actually extremely organised. Arranged within a 3D polyhedron using Modo 3D with color adjustments in Photoshop.

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Price: 1 ETH


The warm last rays of a setting sun wash over this digital landscape. They flow in both directions, as that warmth is reflected back into the atmosphere. This GIF scene was captured inside of a 3d sphere, with a virtual camera using Modo 3D and After Effects.

Minted as an Edition of Five on at:

Price: 0.35 ETH


In a ropes course you progress from rope to rope, but what if the choices are so many and overwhelming that you get tangled and stuck in your indecision? I created this with a loop of 3D rope, replicated and attached to the facets of an invisible polyhedral sphere in Modo 3D.

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A geometric abstraction of the service that brings the world into your home, and vice versa. A miracle connecting us all, and just possibly a health and privacy liability. Captured inside a 3D sphere with a virtual camera.

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Inspired by the “red tide” that occasionally shows up on Southern California beaches. The algal bloom gives the water a reddish tinge by day, and a florescent blue-green glow in the surf at night. Captured inside a 3D polyhedral sphere in Modo 3D, and modified in Photoshop.

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Link to a PDF containing descriptions, media, tools used, desired display approach and prices.